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We offer Class 40 - Single-Hand Training, Class 40 - Regatta racing, Class 40 - Team Events, Single-Hand Coaching on your Boat, Security Systems on Board, World Wide Delivery Services

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Class 40 - Single-Hand Training

2 days overnight training for max 3 persons on Croix-du-Sud.

Training includes manuevering all different sail sets (spi, code 0 and 5, reef in and out, tack and jibe) as well as the technical handling of the autopilot, AIS and radar.

Class 40 - Regatta racing

Racing a 40 foot boat is a special challenge. Tiny but crucial adjustments, water ballast variation, permanent controlling the trim, on time observation ot the wind and current, forcast of the best courses - we will focus on every aspect to finish first.

For long distance challanges: high energy nutrition, body recovery and sleeping management will be implied as well.

Single-Hand Coaching on your Boat

You want to know what you really need when sailing on your own? You need to review your technical equippment for single handed trips?

I will train you on your own boat, focussing on your skills and technical equipment.

Team Events and Corporate Sailing

Special events for your working crew: Postpone your christmas party to the summer! Get to know your employees in a totally different environment.

Test stress resistance, find the persons with leading capacities...

Security Systems on Board

Technical support for the security system on your boat: From a-z: life-vest, satellite-telefone, AIS-system, duplicated autopilot-systems, radar operating and battery charging, as well as solar energy input and your water maker...

We also train in case of emergency situations.

World Wide Delivery Services

Our team will deliver your boat worldwide: from port to port via sea route. Boats up to 60 Foot.